Replica of Pascal's calculator -- detail of dials

Pascal Calculator by Roberto Guatelli

Pascal calculator

replica by Roberto Guatelli
art. no. 1979.0568
Canada Science and Technology Museum

This artifact, currently on display in our artifact spotlight area, is connected by maker to our recently acquired Babbage replica. The Italian scholar, Roberto Guatelli, made both of them. Guatelli was a well known maker of historic mathematical reproductions and did several replicas for IBM in the 1960s and 70s. He was especially well known for his Leonardo da Vinci recreations. See The Rotarian, December 1952.

The above model is a reproduction of a mechanical calculator, first designed by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. It was completed in 1642. This machine introduced the mechanization of the carry in mathematical calculation. It adds and subtracts directly, but multiplication and division are accomplished by repeated additions and subtractions.

Replica of Blaise Pascal's calculator

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  1. Rich Kremer
    Rich Kremer says:


    Does your Guatelli calculator work? Could you make a post a short video here showing how to perform an addition and a subtraction? Thanks. Rich

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