M. Eugene “Gene” RUDD, Jr.

Former Assistant Editor of Rittenhouse, Gene Rudd died on Nov. 23, 2014 in Lincoln ND. He was born Sept. 29, 1927 in Fargo ND.

M. Eugene "Gene" Rudd, Jr.

M. Eugene “Gene” Rudd, Jr.

Gene was professor of physics at Concordia College 1954-1965 and at Univ. Nebraska in Lincoln from 1965 until retirement in 1993, including acting chair of the physics department 1970-1972.  He was a frequent participant in the Scientific Instrument Commission and in later years developed an interest in historical technology viewing his collection of antique scientific artifacts not only as objects to be admired, but as tools to study the development of technology, particularly optics.  The following image is of one of the setups Gene developed to assess refracting telescope lenses.

Optics testing set up

His wife Eileen (Hovland) was his lifelong partner and will be familiar to Scientific Instrument Commission attendees still resides in Lincoln.

Gene’s obituary may be seen at:     Dr. Gene Rudd, 1927 – 2014

Gene’s CV with PDF access to many of his papers is here:  Gene Rudd’s CV

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